How to Teach Your Kid Walk with the Help of Baby Walkers?

How to Teach Your Kid Walk with the Help of Baby Walkers?

Having brought a new object into the house, it should be thoroughly washed and disinfected. After all, on the shelf of the store, the walkers must have been touched by quite a few people. It is better to buy walkers online comparing the available options and their pros at When walkers appear in the house, do not rush to put the child inside - you can scare him/her, and he/she will beware of this object. Let him/her get acquainted with the new toy. Let the kid research everything well.

When the child isn't afraid anymore, carefully put him/her on the seat. Be careful, any pain can be associated with the object and the baby will flatly refuse to sit in a walker. The child should be comfortable and convenient. Find out how to make it so that the child gets satisfaction from the walkers and learn to walk.

7 Tips for Teaching the Child Walk

Check the useful tips for using walkers the right way.

  • Let the baby get comfortable in the new position. Let the baby play a little while sitting in walkers. Then, gently move his legs to show the child how to push off from the floor. At the same time, push the walkers slightly, so that the baby understands that his movement with his feet causes him to move and move independently.
  • Adjust the height of the seat so that the baby touches the floor with a full foot, and not just socks.
  • Never put a crying child in a walker, it can cause fear in the baby, and he/she does not want to use this toy anymore.
  • When the kid ceases to be afraid, and will sit quietly in its first transport, you can step back a little and call the baby with a kind word or “entice” his/her favorite toy. The main thing for a child to understand the principle of action is that he pushes himself with his feet and this leads to his movement. If the baby does it all, definitely praise him.
  • If the child is just sitting in the walker, you can take him by the arms and slightly lift the ass. You have to show the baby that it is not necessary to sit in the walker, it is a device for safe standing. Lift the baby to its feet and slightly release the handles. The child will soon realize that even if he falls, he will not be hurt. This will give him confidence.
  • Watch the baby carefully. It happens that sometimes children move only in one direction, the body is tilted sideways all the time. Try to motivate your kid to move in the opposite direction. If it does not work out - it’s worth while to give up on a walker so as not to contribute to the development of spinal curvature.
  • Do not roll the child in the walker, otherwise the legs will drag on the floor, the baby will perceive the walker as a fun ride, and then will begin to ask you to roll it. Move the body of the walker can only simultaneously with the rearrangement of the child's legs. Your task in this is to let the child understand how this thing works.

Usually, the child quickly gets used to the walker, and begins to use them within a few days after the appearance of a new “toy” in the house.